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Link to your Web Page

Send Pilots to your Existing Site through FlightPhysical.com


External Links are the best way for AMEs to drive traffic to existing sites

Increase your site's page rank in search engines with inbound links to your address.

Links cost $2 per month unless you are a paying subscriber, then fees are waived for links, more price info...

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Submissions are cumulative

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External Link to You. If you already have a web site with a different hosting service and want a direct link to it from FlightPhysical.com, we can drive pilot traffic your way. Include your site's URL below:
Note:This option costs $3.50 per month unless you upgrade to any of our paid services. If you are a paying customer, link fees are waived, more price info....

Link to your Pre-Existing Site

You will increase your site's page rank in search engines when you have popular sites maintain inbound links to your web address. When pilots get their AME search results (ZIP or Area code search), they will be able to link to your existing professional web site. "External Site" is our term for any site except for our database driven template sites. If we host your site, these links fees are waived. Existing AME web sites vary widely in sophistication but all share a common promotional requirement. The bottom line is that independent sites are difficult to find and not meaningfully targeted to a pilot audience. It is almost impossible that a new pilot will stumble on any particular site belonging to a single AME. FlightPhysical.com solves this problem. See How.

Most AMEs already have remote web sites and hundreds already own their own domains. You can immediately benefit from our popularity. Prospective examinees will locate you through our highly publicized umbrella site. A single AME has minimal leverage to promote his/her practice, but our site promotes 4500 flight doctors, and we have a full staff working on publicity. Large aviation web sites will not link to an individual AME site, but they do link to us because we represent all AMEs. If you want a link from FlightPhysical.com page to your private web site submit your web address through the Update Area.

Our site targets one audience -- pilots needing physicals, and we funnel a huge volume of pilots through FlightPhysical.com to AMEs every day. If you already have a functional external website, or even a single external web page, place a link from FlightPhysical.com to your site. We charge a nominal $2 a month for outbound links unless we host your other site. If you want to switch hosting services, you can have your site hosted here at extremely competitive rates. We host for $4-25 a month depending on the package you select (unlimited bandwidth, no transfer fees). For those who are simply interested in linking ($2 per month) or to discuss hosting options, Email inquiries to flightphysical.com Please remember to include your URL if you desire a link from us. Submit link requests in the AME Update area.

AMEs invest $1000's in Web Sites but few know how to attract traffic
We've Successfully Promoted AMEs to Pilots Since 1999

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