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Map Adjustments

Modify Default Map Link on Your AME Page


Your map link is accessed from your fully loaded AME page, click on your name or the link near the bottom Take me to my page

You may send us a graphic to post as your map

Graphics you send us must comply with rules for images

Map links are free for AMEs

If you have 2 practice locations, add a 2nd listing

Mapquest Servers may not display your office as you like

Overrides are reviewed and updated manually

Submissions are cumulative

Bad Data is worse than no data

Maps can be dynamic of static

These are not automated updates, changes may take a few days to appear

Don't repeat previous submissions

To remove or adjust a prior submission, describe desired change in the comments section at bottom

Email us plain English requests at anytime

Sample Map

Return to Update Menu

Wait a second, show me my page again so I can decide

Leave it as it is for now More Info...

Completely remove my map link to Mapquest.

Adjust the Map as described below.

I want to adjust the MapQuest Output, make my web page send the following sham address to the Mapquest server for improved output.

Your official address will not be adjusted or presented differently.

Alternative address below "fools" the map server for an improved output (street address, city, state).

Alternate Address:

Default AME Maps are dynamically generated from address data passed "behind the scenes." to map generation servers. This process is efficient and "transparent" to your users. On your default site, we have passed your address exactly as it is listed in the official FAA database. The benefit of using dynamic MapQuestTM servers is that it makes your map interactive.

Why should I care whether my map is "dynamic"? Real-time computer generated maps load more slowly than static maps, but dynamicism allows your pilots and patients to customize the output. They can type in their starting point and generate a map or driving directions to your office. These maps are scalable and interactive. If you opt for a "static" map, then send us the image as an email attachment. You forfeit the interactivity, but your map can be completely customized and it will load faster. The size of your image counts toward your 200KB maximium (free) web page allowance, but for some AMEs, this is the optimal tradeoff.

My Map Doesn't Look Right. Occasionally, some AME address formats are not recognizable by the automated MapQuestTM map creation servers, but this is correctable. If your address does not show up, or shows up incorrectly, you can ask us to remove the map, or you can take steps yourself to fix it.

How Can I Fix the Address and Preserve the Dynamic Map Option? We don't know exactly where each of the 4500 AME offices is, and no one knows the local landmarks as well as you. Since MapQuestTM dynamically generates the maps, you must find an alternative address that "tricks" the MapQuestTM servers into presenting an acceptable representation. To correct the problem, go directly to the MapQuestTM site and input substitute addresses (neighbors, etc) until you find one that works. Once you have found an address that yields a satisfactory representation of your location, email us that "fake" address. In the past, AMEs have used a nearby intersection to fine tune the appearance of their Maps. MapQuestTM prefers a simple numerical street address or intersection, city, and state. After you identify an acceptable address, city and state, then you can send the "Map Address" to FlightPhysical.com via the Map Portion of the AME Modification form, or by email. This should correct the appearance of your dynamically generated map. This will not affect your official address or the printed address listed on your web page or listed on our directory output.

Alternatively, you can tell us to remove the map from your site or generate a static map image from MapQuestTM or elsewhere and customize it anyway you desire then send the .jpg or .gif image as a well-compressesd email attachment to flightphysical.com's map division. We would then post it as your image.

Messages for FlightPhysical.com:

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