Checklist For Expediting Aeromedical Certificate
Don't hesitate to ask your AME for advice and assistance in gathering the requested information.
When the FAA asks for additional information, they ask for the least amount possible in order to make their decision. This means they need everything requested, so make sure all the requested information is being provided. Also, please understand, if they ask that a certain test be performed in a specific way, that is what is needed. Be sure that you take all of our letters with you to your physician, and try to emphasize the importance of exactly fulfilling the FAA's requests.
Have all of the requested information forwarded to the FAA or your AME in one package.
Do not hide important medical facts from the FAA. This just delays things further. If you send us information about one medical problem and the hospital records indicate a second serious medical problem, which they did not previously know about, they will have to start a new investigation of the second problem.
Give the FAA an adequate amount of time to process your application. If you call or write to find out the status of your application, your file will have to be located and taken out of line to answer the inquiry. This will further delay its processing. On the other hand, if you haven't heard from us in within 60 days, you may call us at the number listed below for an update.

To contact the FAA, write:

FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute Aeromedical Certification Division
P.O. Box 26080
Oklahoma City, OK 73126

Or call their customer service telephone number: (405) 954-4821

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