Address and Telephone Number

Item 5: Application Process for Medical Certification

Apr 2014

Guidance is compiled and interpreted by professional pilots and physicians at from the 2014 AME Guide page 29, FAA and FDA web data ( &, instructions specified in the Aeronautical Information Manual, Federal Air Surgeon Bulletins from 1999-2015, and 14 CFR Part 61 and Part 67 (the FARs).

Information for Pilots

: Enter your street address. When entering your street address the FAA requests that you use no punctuation (e.g., Stiffler Ave. should be entered Stiffler Ave). (Mandatory Entry)

Enter your telephone number.

Enter the name of the city you live in. When entering the name of the city be sure that no numbers or punctuation are used if you live in the United States (e.g., St. Louis should be entered St Louis). If you live in a foreign country, the city name may contain numbers, but no punctuation. (Required)

Select the state you live in from the drop down list provided, or leave blank if international.

Select the country you live in from the drop down list provided, or select . When selecting your State and Country, either a state or foreign country must be selected, but not both.

Enter your zip code. (Required for Exam with USA Address)

Information for AMEs

The applicant must print a permanent mailing address, including country, and the zip code (full nine digits if known). When entering your street address through MedXPress, they should not use any punctuation (e.g., Rolling Ave. should be entered Rolling Ave). The pilot applicant must also provide a current daytime area code and telephone number.

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