Type of Medical Certificate Sought

Item 1: Application For

Apr 2014

Abbreviated Briefing:
  • Student Pilots: Airman Medical & Sudent Pilot
  • Private or Above: Airman Med Certificate

Guidance is compiled and interpreted by professional pilots and physicians at FlightPhysical.com from the 2014 AME Guide page 29, FAA and FDA web data (www.FAA.gov & www.FDA.gov), instructions specified in the Aeronautical Information Manual, Federal Air Surgeon Bulletins from 1999-2015, and 14 CFR Part 61 and Part 67 (the FARs).

The applicant indicates whether the application is for an Airman Medical Certificate (white) or an Airman Medical and Student Pilot Certificate (yellow), and the class of medical certificate desired.



FAA terminology can be confusing at first unless you have your own aviation attorney. Aviators must carry 2 personal credentials:

  • (1) a ticket to fly, and
  • (2) a note from the doctor saying it is medically OK to fly

If you are just starting out, check Airman Medical and Student Pilot Certificate. This allows document to serve dual purposes of both your medical clearance and your actual student pilot license. With appropriate logbook endorsements, this will legally satisfy both medical and licensure requirements during training and solo flights. In general, this selection is used by those with no prior pilot's license. For student pilots who ultimately complete their training and earn a private certificate, the student pilot portion of this application will be replaced by a formal pilot's license (Airman Certificate). The pilot license is granted by the FAA after passing the checkride, and if this medical exam is not expired, the medical part of the Airman Medical and Student Pilot Certificate (FAA form 8500-8) will remain active and continue to satisfy the flight physical requirement until it does expire.

Folks who already have a pilot's license (Airman Certificate) and/or need the periodic medical exam for other reasons, should indicate Airman Medical Certificate in box #1 of the FAA form 8500-8 (through MedXPress). This is the choice that trained pilots should select when renewing their periodic medical certificate. Once in possession of a private or higher pilot's license, this document no longer functions as both the medical certification and pilot's license. For existing pilots (whether current or not), the Form 8500-8 will only satisfy the medical portion of the complex aviation credentials package.


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