Diabetes Mellitus: Insulin Controlled

FAA Protocol for Airmen: IDDM

Apr 2014

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FAA Considerations
Disease Protocols - Diabetes Mellitus Type I and Type II - Insulin Treated

The FAA has established a policy that permits the special issuance medical certification of insulin treated applicants for third class medical certification.

Consideration will be given only to those individuals who have been clinically stable on their current treatment regimen for a period of 6-months or more. Consideration is not being given for first or second class certification. Individuals certificated under this policy will be required to provide substantial documentation regarding their history of treatment, accidents related to their disease, and current medical status. If certificated, they will be required to adhere to stringent monitoring requirements and are prohibited from operating aircraft outside the United States. The following is a summary of the evaluation protocol and an outline of the conditions that the FAA will apply:

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