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Email Addresses

Make a Professional Impression

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Email Addresses should be short, descriptive and permanent.  With our service, your professional email address will be all three!  Only AMEs and FlightPhysical.com employees are authorized these memorable addresses. With a FlightPhysical.com return address, your message's significance is instantly apparent to the recipient. Select any unclaimed username you desire; for example DrAirplane@FlightPhysical.com. We have both FlightPhysical.com and FlightMD.com address domains available. Email accounts are free, email links on web pages are $4 per month for alias links (spam resistant) and $15 per month for web-form email collection (spam resistant).

Permanent and Easy

Our email program is a forwarding system, and any messages sent to your flightphysical.com address will automatically arrive at your regular email account, or it can be forwarded to a fax number. This way you can view these messages and reply without changing any of your current settings or email retrieval practices. Importantly, our service gives you a permanent email address.  As you change your ISP or other "POP" email accounts from time to time, you never have to worry about your flightphysical.com address changing.  Your pilots will have a consistent address through which to contact you.  This also means that you'll never have to throw away business cards and stationary just because your e-mail account changes. Your FlightPhysical.com address is always current! Just notify us anytime and we will change the forwarding destination(s).  Email permanence is critical when placing yellow pages ads or printing letterhead.



We offer auto-responders for advanced users.  These have been called email answering machines because they generate an immediate and automatic email response. As a courtesy, they notify the sender that their "message was received" and they will get a personal reply as soon as practical (or some such wording of your choice).  The auto-reply will reassure your pilots that their message found the correct electronic destination and provides an estimate on when to expect a personalized response.  You received an auto-responder message from us after you registered (or re-registered).  Auto-responders also can be used to let people know when you are on vacation, etc. 

Get Noticed with Professional Email

Also, by using our addresses, you project a professional image as Aerospace Medicine Specialist. In these days of SPAM and unsolicited email messages, much of a busy pilot's email will get appropriately screened and never even reach the recipient's inbox. A descriptive email address is essential, so you and your message's importance will be obvious as recipients scan their electronic inboxes. Messages from complex email addresses seldom make it past automated and human spam filters. These unwanted messages often use unintuitive and complicated addresses such as tzflkjhawe@readmyspam.com.

Tips for Using our Alias Addresses

For those of you using an ISP for Internet access, be sure to configure your e-mail software to show your FlightPhysical.com or FlightMD.com address in the "from" and "reply to" address fields. By doing so, even when you send outgoing e-mail only your professional address will be displayed to the recipient.

Your email addresses are not case sensitive.  You can change your forwarding destinations at any time, and you can have multiple forwarding destinations.


A final note on Spam and Privacy

Email is very prone to abuse. Some email addresses must be retired because they have made it on so many spam lists. Some experts recommend that you never put a link to your email account on a public web site. We will leave that up to you. Your actual POP account will never be published or released, your FlightPhysical.com alias email address will only be published on your page at your request. Actual account destination addressess are strictly guarded to protect privacy.

Your true email address is hidden behind multiple layers of hacker resistant security systems. For your protection, we only release our own email aliases through your web sites, and only with your express permission. When we do post your FlightMD.com or FlightPhysical.com email address, the messages are forwarded behind the scenes to your preferred destination account. This deters hackers and email spam-list builders. There are many other advantages to this policy...for you the primarily benefit is email permanence, but limiting our liability and maintaining easy alias address changes (spam dodging) are equally important.

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