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FlightPhysical.com Staff -- About Our Team

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FlightPhysical.com is a professional organization of physicians and pilots dedicated to improving all aspects of the pilot-AME interaction. We help AMEs maximize their efficiency via electronic communications. Privacy and HIPAA conformity, security, FAA compliance and pilot satisfaction are our top goals. Like you, we are doctors, pilots and Internet professionals sharing your passion for Aviation! As practicing flight doctors, we are using and benefiting from this web site every day. See Testimonials and Endorsements..

Col (Dr) John Ogle

John Ogle, MD, MPH, FACEP is a commercial pilot and physician. Colonel Ogle serves as Chief of Aerospace Medicine, 153rd MDG, WY Air National Guard and is creator of ERPush.com , a proactive records transmision strategy using the mobile Internet.

More about Dr Ogle...

Major Tony Bondoc
  Tony Bondoc is a a Physician's Assistant with years of Flight Medicine experience. As a Major in the California Air National Guard, he is an active member of the 129th Air Rescue Wing and brings a wealth of practical expertise to FlightPhysical.com.

On the civilian side, Tony works for United Airlines providing clinical services and aeromedical consultation advice for the airline. He is an instumental part of the consulting and implementation team.
Major Bondoc's Affiliation Details

Dr. Tammy Foster
Dr. Foster is a board certified Emergency Physician who has her own complementary company, RacePhysical.com, which aims to consolidate the physical exam process for NASCAR drivers. She has over 10 years of computer experience. 

She reviews our site for medical content, and coordinates physician liaison and customer relations activities. She assists with long term (strategic) planning, specifically Dr. Foster is responsible for the future (non-aviation) expansion of our company. 
Dr Foster's Affiliation Details

Other Members of the Management Team

Dr. Heather Ross, Medical Consultant, FAA Policy

Captain Steve Erdmann, Chief Airline Liaison Officer

Ms Jenni Johnston, Personnel and Accounting

Mr. Scott Ogle, Internet Relations / Partnerships

Captain Chris Callahan, Corporate Pilot Liaison
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FlightPhysical.com is dedicated to expediting and facilitating the periodic FAA flight physical requirement.

No commercial or non-commercial organizations have contributed to the start-up or continuing sponsorship of this web site. It is completely funded from private funds donated from the founders and recurring expenses are partially offset by hosting and listing fees paid for by Aeromedical Examiners who have upgraded their sites or purchased second listings. Clearly stated advertising is also a small funding source on select pages. No hospitals, pharmaceutical companies or any private or public agencies contribute any funding for this site. All AMEs are authorized basic sites which are hosted free of charge, and rank order of query output is alphabetical with two strata, those in the top subset are AMEs who have registered or contacted us within the previous 3 years.
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