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We Appreciate the Encouragement

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What the FAA said about FlightPhysical.com:

Anything we can do to speed up the processing of aeromedical certification will make the life of the AME and ultimately the airmen much easier...Neat idea!

  • Warren Silberman, DO, MPH
    • Director, Civil Aeromedical Certification Division
    • FAA Civil Aeromedical Institute, OKC, OK

What Leading AMEs are saying about FlightPhysical.com:

Thank you, Your web information, especially the turboschedule had saved my practice.

  • Bob Gordon, DO
    • Senior AME
    • 2100 Annual Flight Physicals (Top 1% of all 4500 AMEs for number of exams)
    • Livonia, Michigan

What Pilots are saying about FlightPhysical.com:

Dear FlightPhysical,

THANK GOD for your site. I am a pilot with US Airways (aka United Airways) To date I have always remembered the Medical exam however with the addition of a new born I am lucky to remember my name. Needless to say I got call from the office asking for my medical ... DOH! .... My normal doctor was away and I was panicking to find one. [Enter your web site] THANK GOD again... I found one with your help... stress level returning to normal now... THANKS!!!!

-- Sincerely, KC, Airline Pilot Bensalem, Pa.


Dear FlightPhysical,

Hi! I'm a UAL pilot domiciled in SFO and living in RNO. What a great service to the flying community!! I hope that the greater AME community is eagerly embracing this website concept--saves a tortuous phone call to the FSDO :)

-- Vince Alcazar
UAL 767 F/O

What AMEs are saying about FlightPhysical.com:

That looks perfect...I truely appreciate this service to airman who can now easily find an AME. The map link is an extraordinary feature. Our staff uses your site often to help folks calling in who cannot get to our office, and we also refer them to your site. Thanks again for your contribution to civil aviation medicine.

-- Senior AME, Seattle, WA

I'm delighted with your support...the phone company did not bill me or put my name in the book for the first time in the 35 years....thus [the importance of] the web page. I see about 450 airmen yearly, and all by word of mouth. Thanks again.

-- Senior AME, Tacoma, WA

Thanks! Great site!!

-- Senior AME, Traverse City, MI

This is an excellent service you are doing for the AME community.

-- Senior AME. Riverside, NJ

Great Site!

-- Senior AME, Avon CT

The service looks very good so far.

-- Senior. AME, Anchorage, AK

Thanks again, a great dot com idea!

-- AME, College Station, TX

Interesting concept, the AME website!

-- Senior AME Kodiak, AK

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