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AMEs Need Web Presence

Where to Begin

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Internet 101 -- Let's Get Started

Most AME's underestimate the complexity of maintaining and designing a web site, but the physicians, pilots and computer experts at FlightPhysical.com have over a decade of experience in this field. We help you each step of the way, so that you will establish a strong Internet presence. Functional web sites help you, your patients and pilots, and the professional web sites we help create are fully scalable and upgradeable. It is best to visualize the entire process in 4 independent parts: registration, design, hosting and publicizing.

  1. Register an available domain name, ie www.YourPractice.com. At $15 per year, this is the cheapest step but the most time critical...More Info

  2. Design the pages. This entails both graphics design and HTML design (page layout). Some AMEs use animations, complex media and "Flash" movies. Huge variability exists in cost and quality. You can make some basic design input for free through the familiar AME Modification form. Most AMEs hire their own web designer, but FlightPhysical.com include Online Scheduling as a functional addition to your web page without requiring you to hire a designer or know any programmer. Show me more design info...

  3. Hosting is an ongoing requirement for maintaining and publishing a web site. There is wide variation of cost and quality for this vital service. At FlightPhysical.com all AME queries are answered by other, knowledgeable AMEs. We host your template web page and can economically host your full domains. If you host elsewhere, you can still link to your other site from us. More Details...

  4. Publicity the most neglected but most important consideration. Search Engine queries often return millions of results...if you want to get noticed, you must be among the top three or four sites. Even $10,000 sites are useless if no one finds them. From 1999-2007, we have gradually climbed to the top of all Internet search engines. FlightPhysical.com funnels traffic to your professional AME site regardless of your site's complexity or hosting arrangement. This is our greatest "value addition". We successfully market AME sites to a niche market--pilots needing physicals.

    All major search engines list us at the top for terms such as "flight" and "physical." Strength comes from collective size, heavy pilot traffic and experience. A Google search on 13 Feb 2007 yielded 13,280,000 relevant sites, and FlightPhysical.com site was number one on the multi-million output list! Our traffic has grown exponentially over its first 7 years and our collective site serves millions and generates more "hits" than would be possible for a single AME trying to promote his/her site. More info...

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