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Finding and Registering Your Domain

Tips for AMEs

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As an initial step, AMEs may want to Register a domain name, ie www.YourPractice.com. At $15 per year, this is the cheapest step but the most time critical since the best names go fast and new ones get registered at about 40,000 per day. To allow for maximal future flexibility, you should not use a restrictive registrar such as Verisign. Please allow us to register your domains, or use a more liberal registrar such as Directnic. We charge no mark-up for this service, and it will facilitate future domain handling.

If you would like to check domain availability, you can do it through us by emailing your request, or register a domain yourself through the directnic registrar (below). We recommend that you not buy it unless you thoroughly understand how to configure the nameservers. FlightPhysical.com will register the domain name for you as your agent without markup, and you will maintain all rights to the domain name. This company is a "Registrar" tasked with issuing domains for the InterNIC. The InterNic is an international regulatory body that overseas domain naming to prevent any overlap and insure the absolute uniqueness of every domain.

Once your domain has been claimed by someone somewhere in the world, it is no longer available through any registrar. The service you are paying for ($15 / yr) when you "register" a domain is reservation and international ownership rights to an available web address.

Owning the domain is a time critical step, but this is separate from three other needed services:

FlightPhysical.com is the superior solution when it comes to promoting your web site, and many AMEs use us for only that purpose. You can have the greatest site in the world, but if pilots can't find your site among the 300 trillion worldwide web pages, your Internet efforts are largely wasted. Whether hosting with us or not, the most successful web-enabled AMEs establish links from flightphysical.com to capitalize on our huge "Internet Catchment Area." Our site attracts a targeted niche of hundreds of thousands of web-surfing pilots in need of physicals, and funnels this web traffic to AME sites.

We are top ranked in all search engines and have had about 2 million web visitors to date. An April 2006 Google.com search on terms "flight" and "physical" turned up 7,990,000 related Internet sites, and FlightPhysical.com was rated number one. This ranking is based on aggregate site popularity and collectively all AMEs benefit from our long-lived success and market stability.

FlightPhysical.com or any other commercial service can host and/or design your site, but prices and quality vary tremendously, and we caution against signing any long term contracts. Flightphysical.com or any other commercial hosting service can provide the technical information for you in advance or after you register your domain, and we do it for you for no additional fee. Allowing us to register on you behalf will allow greater flexibility as far as future hosting options, and you retain exclusive ownership rights. Email me if you have any specific questions. Alternatively, I will handle the registration much cheaper than you can get it through most registrars.

Since Domains are being claimed at 40,000 per day, many AMEs find that their name has already been claimed. If curious, you can use the directnic site (below) to check and see who has your domain and when they got it, but hopefully you will find one that is still available. If you are not sure about the difference between a domain (costs you money) and your own website (offered here for free), then refer to the FAQ page.

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