Medical History from Pilot Applicant Seeking Airman Med Certification

Item 18: Detailed Sub Items 18a - 18y FAA Form 8500-8

Apr 2014

Abbreviated Briefing:

Pilots must select either the or radio button for each of the items a. thru y. All items marked “yes” require a comment. (Mandatory for AME prior to issuance)

Applicants must provide an explanation for all medical history items where the Yes radio button was selected in the Applicant Explanation box provided for each applicable item. If the condition was reported on a previous application and there has been no change in your condition, you may note "Previously Reported, No Change" by clicking on the button. Below is an expanded view of Item 18 and it's many sub-questions.

Guidance is compiled and interpreted by professional pilots and physicians at from the 2014 AME Guide pages 29-40, FAA and FDA web data ( &, instructions specified in the Aeronautical Information Manual, Federal Air Surgeon Bulletins from 1999-2015, and 14 CFR Part 61 and Part 67 (the FARs).

18. a   Yes  No Help with This Item Frequent or severe headaches
18. b   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemDizziness or fainting spell
18. c   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemUnconsciousness for any reason
18. d   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemEye or vision trouble except glasses
18. e   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemHay fever or allergy
18. f   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemAsthma or lung disease
18. g   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemHeart or vascular trouble
18. h   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemHigh or low blood pressure
18. i   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemStomach, liver, or intestinal trouble
18. j   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemKidney stone or blood in urine
18. k   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemDiabetes
18. l   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemNeurological disorders: epilepsy, seizures, stroke, paralysis, etc.
18.m   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemMental disorders of any sort: depression, anxiety, etc.
18. n   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemSubstance dependence or failed a drug test ever; or substance abuse or use of illegal substance in the last 2 years.
18. o   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemAlcohol dependence or abuse
18. p     Yes  NoHelp with This ItemSuicide attempt
18.q   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemMotion sickness requiring medication
18. r   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemMilitary medical discharge
18.s   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemMedical rejection by military service
18. t   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemRejection for life or health insurance
18.u   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemAdmission to hospital
18. v   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemHistory of (1) any arrest(s) and/or conviction(s) involving driving while intoxicated by, while impaired by, or while under the influence of alcohol or a drug; or (2) history of any arrest(s), and/or conviction(s), and/or administrative action(s) involving an offense(s) which resulted in the denial, suspension, cancellation, or revocation of driving privileges or which resulted in attendance at an educational or a rehabilitation program.
18.w   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemHistory of nontraffic conviction(s) (misdemeanors or felonies).
18. x   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemOther illness, disability, or surgery
18.y   Yes  NoHelp with This ItemMedical disability benefits


The FAA MedXPress Application will require you to provide comments or explanations for all items 18.a. through 18.y. The button will come active as you click on any specific medical problem in your history. Once you have done this for the FAA in the past, you will not need to repeat it. They have a button which stands for PREVIOUSLY REPORTED, NO CHANGE, so you will not have to repeat yourself for old conditions or health issues unless there have been any changes. Below is a sample screenshot:

Entering MedXPress Medical History Explanations


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